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Claude Marsal

La Symphonie Maximal Parfum Pour Homme

La Symphonie Maximal Parfum Pour Homme

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La Symphonie Maximal for men, it is a new fragrance for men, which represents fresh and sporty creation. Embracing virility, Claude Marsal mysteriously combines notes of spice and smoke punctuated by a citrus freshness. With top notes of sage, cardamom, and red thyme harmonizing with the middle notes of whiskey, Claude Marsal creates a scent both modern and manly. 

La Symphonie belongs to the aromatic and leather fragrance family. Its overture is aromatics notes, followed by intensive grass-spicy scent. Woody notes are the grand finale that unfolds the entire body of the perfume.

The perfume has a 36% oil fragrance concentration, giving you a potent Parfum that will last longer and intensify your virility and strength.  

Top notes: Whisky, Pomelo, and Grapefruit.

Middle notes: Cardamom, Sage, Red Thyme, Whisky, and Lavender.

Base notes: Tonka Beans, Woody notes, and Leather.

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