François de Gaulle is a symbol of royalty, sovereignty, exclusivity and power for women and men who are capable of conquering the world, governing and exercising royal power full of exclusivity.


La Princesse

François de Gaulle presents Princesse, the exotic but elegant young woman, delicate, formal and powerful.

The unique aroma La Princesse Parfum that only the house of François de Gaulle can provide is an exotic and enchanting fragrance that will transport you to a tropical place.

Le Prince

François de Gaulle presents the Le prince Edition, a powerful member of the Royal family, ideal for the young man with an air of greatness and power, thus preparing himself to reach his future position "ROI"

This unique perfume that only the house of François de Gaulle can offer today's young man belongs to the "Woody Spicy" family with exclusive notes of With musk, cedar and mandarin orange.