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Claude Marsal

Diamant Noir Parfum Him Her Them Us

Diamant Noir Parfum Him Her Them Us

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Claude Marsal Edition Noir "Him Her Them Us" is a symbol of elegance and beauty. This highly anticipated collection embraces diversity and inclusion for everyone. The only standard held is to produce an optimal fragrance of the highest quality and sophistication. These premium fragrances have a 24% oil concentration, for the highest longevity after application. No matter who you are, you can feel like your truest self all day and night. Claude Marsal Edition Noir Unisex "Him Her Them Us" is for the confident, bold, and empowered individual with the desire to express themselves.  



Aromatic, Fresh Spicy, Woody, Musky, Powdery, and Balsamic.

Top notes: Coriander Seeds and Nutmeg.

Middle notes: Juniper Berries, and Nutmeg.

Base notes: Wood, Balsamic, Vanilla, Powdery, Fresh Spicy, and Musky.

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