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Phillipe Renoir

Goddess Clio

Goddess Clio

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The goddesses of music, song and dance.

Timeless, and with a palpable sense of majesty comes the new feminine fragrance, Goddess Clio. Accentuate every divine night with this new Floral-fresh fragrance that combines elegance and danger, proving that a floral fragrance can be for anyone. Featuring notes of Magnolia, Peony, Amber, Lilly-of-the-valley, and freesia Goddess Clio seduces everyone who experiences it.  Get ready to explore this new mythological fragrance collection by Phillip Renoir.

Fragrance Family: Floral, powdery scent, nicely subtle, not overpowering or heavy, and gives a classy feel.


Top notes: Peony, Litchi and Freesia;

Middle notes: Rose, Lily-of-the-Valley and Magnolia;

Base notes: Cedar and Amber.


Bottled in the USA

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